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To facilitate the lively exchange of ideas, the conference program includes six different presentation types:

Long and short oral presentations

  • The authors of papers accepted for oral presentation are asked to bring powerpoint (or similar) slides and present their research in a podium presentation.
  • We will prepare a computer for presentation, but authors can also use their own laptop.
  • A long presentation is 15 minutes (12 minute talk + 3 minute Q/A).
  • A short presentation is 10 minutes (8 minute talk + 2 minute Q/A).


  • The authors of papers accepted for poster presentation are asked to prepare a poster and display it for the duration of the conference on a designated panel provided by the conference.
  • Poster authors are assigned certain poster sessions in which they must be near their poster to engage in interactive discussions with other conference attendees.  
  • Poster authors are also assigned time to make a very brief (60 second) presentation in the teaser sessions, as described below.
  • If a poster paper is associated with a hands-on demo, the poster will be collocated with the demo.  Please see notes on demonstrations, below.
  • Poster authors are responsible for creating, preparing, and transporting posters to the conference.
  • Each poster should indicate the paper title, authors, affiliation, and paper number and must fit within a 48" x 48" space.
  • We do not specify a format for posters, except suggesting to include a logo of Haptics Symposium (download one with a clear background or one with black background).

Hands-on demonstrations

  • Demo authors are assigned certain demo sessions in which they must be near their demo to engage in interactive discussions with other conference attendees.
  • Each demonstration will be assigned a space at the conference.  The space will include a table, chairs, electrical power, and poster board.
  • Demonstration authors are encouraged to bring a poster to accompany their demo.
  • For information on shipping and customs, please refer to this link.
  • Demo authors will not be asked to give a teaser presentation.

Teaser presentations for posters

  • For all posters, authors are invited make a very short teaser presentation to increase the visibility of their work and attract conference attendees to their posters and demos.
  • Each teaser presentation is 60 seconds long.
  • At the beginning of each teaser session, the presenters for that session will line up near the podium in the order indicated in the program.  Each presenter will step to the podium in turn as the session chair advances the teaser slides.
  • Tentative Teaser Schedule: There will be two teaser sessions at HAPTICS 2014. Odd-numbered posters (i.e., P01, P03, etc.) will present their teasers during the teaser session on the morning of Monday, Feb. 24. Even-numbered posters (i.e., P02, P04, etc.) will present their teasers during the teaser session on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 25. 
  • Authors must provide a one-page powerpoint slide for their teaser presentation. The upload form, detailed formatting requirements, presentation instructions, and suggestions for teaser slides can be found here.

Commercial exhibits

Further presentation guidelines will be provided closer to the time of the conference. To receive important announcements about the conference, you can register for a HAPTICS account, or login to your existing account; then edit your account profile to turn email announcements on.