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Shipping info

Exhibitors and demonstrators can ship their equipment directly to the hotel. The equipment will be held at the hotel from five days before the conference to two days after.


Due to limited space and availability, we kindly invite attendants to ship their equipment only if necessary.


It will be your responsibility to ensure the package for loss or damage. The Hotel and the Organizing commitee do not accept any liability for equipment, goods, displays, or other materials that arrive or fail to arrive at the Hotel.


If you are planning to ship a package, please inform the local arrangements chair of the package size and of the name of the person who will physically receive the package and use the following format for the recipient's address:


Client Name/IEEE 2-25-14/Monica Funes

400 Dallas St.

Houston, TX 77002


When you check in at the hotel, please contact the front desk and inform them that you are waiting for a package. A government-issued photo ID will be required.

If the package is already at the DoubleTree, then the package will be delivered to you. The package will then be in your custody until you set-up your demo / exhibit booth in the afternoon of Feb 23.